Jill Marlan Among Ernst & Young Winners

Jill Marlan was selected as one of 12 winners out of over thousands of applicants in the United States and Canada to receive what is considered one of the highest accolades in the world of new and growing businesses, The Ernst and Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women Award. She is the first woman from the state of Michigan to win this International Award and also the only healthcare provider to be recognized this year. Jill is the Founder and CEO of Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Lansing, MI.

The award program began in 2008 and aims to recognize women-owned businesses with a tremendous history of success and endless potential for future successes. The program will help to empower her innovation with personalized guidance from the world’s top executive leaders. Jill joins an elite network of the country’s best high-growth companies and will now participate in a customized leadership program designed to connect her with the advisors, resources and insights she needs to scale her businesses.

Peak Performance Physical Therapy is an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) clinic revolutionizing the way healthcare is received through their unique approach. OMPT is the only certified therapy by the American Medical Association. Peak Performance Physical Therapy’s passion for delivering one on one, manual care while collaborating with other healthcare professionals is leading the way with patient success. By working in collaboration with insurance companies, top physicians and healthcare leaders they are able to streamline patient care in creating efficient and effective outcomes for all patients. This process allows the patient to not become lost in the healthcare system and thus we are able to get patients where they need to be with minimal delays in their healthcare. This type of concierge care is the result of dynamic partnerships with some of the leading medical resources in the United States.

Jill Marlan began and continues to run Peak Performance Physical Therapy as a premiere Orthopedic Rehabilitation facility specializing in OMPT. In a realm where healthcare is growing and costs are increasing, Physical Therapy offers a cost-effective, timely and proven long-term results. Through this holistic approach patients are able to relieve pain and improve function naturally, while avoiding unnecessary surgery, medications and injections. Furthermore, this has drastic cost-efficient results for the patients and insurance companies alike.

Jill Marlan, expressed her appreciation, by stating, “I am extremely humbled and honored to have received such a prestigious award and am especially excited for the possibilities that this means for the future of our company. I am proud of everything we have accomplished together to get us to where we are as we are truly making a difference in the healthcare field.I could not have done this by myself, as it takes a team to grow and build the relationships necessary to make the revolutionary changes that we are making. This award not only means a lot for us, but also for the future of Physical Therapy in our country. My passion is to change the way patients receive health care with the partnerships and relationships that we make.”