Patient Testimonials

  • Eric did an excellent job working with me over a couple of months to improve a back injury. His professional care and friendly attitude made my first PT experience a very positive one. My back is back to normal! I would highly recommend Peak Performance to anyone.


  • I would recommend Joe to anyone. He was a good listener and provided excellent service. His concern was like a family member’s. I was comfortable with him and would come to see him in the future.


  • I deeply appreciate what the therapists and technicians were able to do for me. I did not think I would be able to regain the use of my hand or my balance. Through their hands on work and expertise I feel greatly improved. I am much more confident in maintaining my balance. I have greatly improved in computer keyboarding and was able to write the entire note with my right hand- something I could not have done before! Many thanks!


  • Joe and Alex were great to work with. They explained things and were both friendly and helped me to get back mobility in my elbow.


  • I really enjoyed coming here. Everybody is so friendly, and Joe and the techs were knowledgeable and patient.


  • Eric and Tonya were knowledgeable and kind. They were considerate in advancing my exercises. I would definitely recommend the clinic to others. 


  • I have never liked physical therapy until Peak! All the staff from the front desk to the therapists are amazing! Thank you for all the help. You have helped me so much.


  • I was skeptical that physical therapy would help my knee issue since it hurt so much to move it, but surprisingly I felt improvement right away. I learned exercises that could be ramped up to help gain back mobility in my knee. I still have some knee pain, but I feel confident I can continue making improvements by doing the exercises on my own. I would highly recommend Peak Performance to anyone who has the need to do physical therapy.


  • This is by far the best therapy I have received. Betty, Eric and Scott treated me well. I feel fit and strong. The whole staff was very professional. Thank you!


  • It feels off saying that it was “fun” to recover from an injury, but Peak Performance was a great experience from beginning to end. I will miss working with Betty, Mary, Scott, and Parisma, and though I don’t look forward to getting injured again, I know that I’ll always be well taken care of here.


  • I have had chronic pain in my hips for over 6 years and chronic neck pain for the past 2 years. At Peak Performance each session included 30 minutes of manual therapy and 30 minutes of exercise, I also had assigned exercises to do at home. Betty was attentive, skillful, helpful and compassionate. I’ve seen other doctors for my pain, and I can confidently state that no one has helped me more then Betty and the staff at Peak Performance. I am 95% better and the rest is simply a matter of continuing to regularly exercise. I am ready to take it from here!


  • Betty and the entire staff were terrific! My health has improved tremendously due to the plan set by Betty.


  • Thank you, Betty, Mary, and Eric, for getting me back in shape so I could PR a 5k with no pain. Amazing therapists here! Can’t thank you enough!


  • Eric is awesome! I never felt judged for being out of shape or when I didn’t have time to do my exercises at home. Thank you so much for helping me get to a place where I can continue to pursue wellness on my own!


  • Katie did a wonderful job! Not only relieving me of pain, but of educating me about my injury and my bodies effect on it. She pinpointed the source and went to work to help me become virtually pain free. I leave now with the knowledge and tools to continue to feel good! Thank you so much to the entire staff at Peak, Katie in particular!


  • Staff made this easier than I ever thought it would be. My injury also hardly ever bothers me. Would recommend to anyone. THANK YOU!


  • Best thing I have ever done for myself. Resolved my acute injury very quickly and brought me back to pain-free running in a very short amount of time. Staff was fun and very professional with lots of resources for exercises to do outside of PT. I would highly recommend Peak Performance.


  • All of the staff feels like family here. Andrew, Eric, Parisma, Katie, Scott and Lindsay are all really good people and they are all really professional! I felt welcome and I always left moving better than when I came in. I appreciate the way staff communicates with each other and help look after everyone who needs therapy. I will recommend Peak to anyone who needs rehab. The facility is excellent and clean. If a crock pot ever attacks me again – I’ll be back! Thank you for helping me walk again!


  • The entire staff at the Okemos location are amazing! Working with Betty and her team helped me through a tough knee injury that happened at work. I’m so grateful Peak was referred to me. I could not be where I am today physically without them. I truly looked forward to every visit at PT. It is a warm, caring, encouraging environment and I will recommend Peak to everyone I know!


  • I can’t thank Katie enough for working with me through initial injury rehab, next steps, surgery, rehab and follow up. Everyone at Peak Performance was so welcoming and helpful. It was an overall great experience. I’ll be back for the next ankle! Thank you!


  • I have had many bouts of PT over the last 25 years, and this has been one of my best. I really appreciate the combination of “hands on” stretching and manipulation of troubled areas of my body as well as instructions and exercises to keep me moving. I have been able to avoid surgery several times with the use of good PT. Andy was very thorough in his evaluation and treatment. Trevor, Scott and Parisma were also very good in following through on treatment that Andy prescribed. Thank you to everyone!


  • My time with Peak Performance has been life changing. I had several injuries and things to work on. Megan, Kristin, and Dan were all very helpful and caring. The assistants were great and always encouraging. Thanks to Megan and Kristin I am more mindful in all of my exercises and just everyday movements as well. Because of therapy, I can squat pain-free! Thank you!


  • I have come here several times for different problems. I have always been helped and everyone is very professional. I have recommended you to several people. Dr. Noud says this location of Peak Performance is the best in the city.


  • Thank you, Alex and Joe, for caring and helping to remove the pain when moving my arms.


  • Great staff from the front desk and all the way through to PTS and PT techs. Professional, friendly, and able to make me feel like “good friends” making me feel better!


  • I have been to other rehabs and Peak Performance has gone above and beyond what they did. Am very satisfied.


  • I was very satisfied with the results of my physical therapy. Very pleased that therapy helped so much that I didn’t have to have surgery.


  • Very friendly and nice to work with. Very helpful and answered all your questions.


  • Enjoyed the staff at the Dewitt Site. AlexJoe and Cameron were helpful in guiding me in the right direction when I wasn’t at the location. I actually love my physical therapy with them. Thank you for helping me through my therapy.


  • Began therapy with an extreme amount of pain. Ended therapy with pain level manageable and minimal. Also, was equipped with exercises to help to continue to manage pain. Staff friendly and professional.


  • I had the privilege of working with Katie and Betty. Both exhibited the ultimate level of caring, competence, engagement and teamwork in understanding my needs and progressing my rehabilitation. I can honestly say it was one of the most positive, encouraging and rewarding treatment experiences I have ever had. I love Peak, and Katie and Betty are what make Peak a great place to experience healing. Thank you for all you do!


  • This was my 2nd time with Eric due to stupid injuries. On both occasions Eric was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, hands-on and professional. If I ever do something to hurt myself again, Eric is my man. Also the entire staff has been very professional and friendly. You all rock!


  • I came to Peak Performance due to a reoccurring problem in my lower leg from running. Katie Gilin and the rest of the team was able to resolve the problem, and I am happy to say I am back in my training program and currently pain free. 


  • Eric is a superior therapist! I have dealt with my shoulder injury for over 6 years, and it led to surgery. Over that time I saw 4 other therapists with little to no results. One year after my surgery I still had a lot of pain and limited range of motion. Once I started working with Eric I saw results especially after 2 sessions of dry needling. I am not 100% but I feel so much better and I am confident that my shoulder will continue to heal and get stronger because of my work with Eric. Thank you.


  • Trevor and Katie were great! They helped me get better and back on the field after I thought my season was over.


  • Always greeted by smiling faces! Very professional staff and looked forward to coming here. Thank you for helping to correct my stiff knee and fix my discomfort while driving.


  • Peak Performance and Eric are absolutely the best! I have been to 4 different PT locations and nothing beats Peak Performance. The staff is always friendly, and Eric fixed my issues 100%.


  • Have been coming here to Peak Performance for a few months. Have renewed my treatments over and over, in spite of the l-o-n-g bus ride, which can be 2 hours long and feel like a torture chamber if I got one of my hideous back attacks on the way coming or going. At times the bumpy bus increases my very painful back attacks in which I felt like a baby was coming out of my back. Eric walked me to a nearby urgent care that saved my life when I was extremely ill from an overdose of amoxicillin. I highly recommend Peak Performance to anyone in pain. Everyone is fabulous!


  • Katie was so wonderful to work with! She’s attentive, knowledgeable and effective! So worth the time and cost. Great welcoming staff! Thank you!


  • This was my first time at PT. I came away with a much better understanding of how our body works. Thank you all.


  • I never thought that I could get rid of my plantar fasciitis orthotics after 15 years of using them. But Eric helped me do it, and I think he educated me so that I can continue to make the improvements in my mechanics to never need orthotics again! Thank you to everyone that assisted me at Peak Performance.


  • This is my third round of PT with Peak. Your approach to therapy has improved my ability to function at a higher level each time. I recommend Peak all the time. This is one of those places you always want to take with you when you move. Thank you to everyone at Peak!


  • Because of my chronic RA, I have had a lot of physical therapy at many locations. Peak is the best! My entire experience was awesome. The entire staff works hard to give 100% to each patient. I feel so lucky to have found them. Betty and Eric were so helpful and informative, they taught me exercises I will continue to use in my life.


  • When I started my PT my shoulder was very painful and I had extremely limited range of motion. Eric and the Peak staff did an amazing job of helping me build up my shoulder/back muscles and then developed an effective exercise plan to make sure I wouldn’t have the same problems going forward. Eric was a great physical therapist, and I won’t hesitate to return to Peak if I have any other issues in the future.


  • Both Andrew and Mary provide exceptional attention and care. I am extremely grateful to them for helping in my recovery. I would recommend Peak to anyone in need of PT.


  • I appreciate the professional treatment that I received. The office staff was very efficient and accommodating in scheduling my treatment. The therapists, Alex and Joe, were knowledgeable and offered great care to address my injury. The technicians were equally helpful in helping me achieve my treatment goals. My time spent at Peak Performance has helped me to feel better. I am confident that I have some tools in place to help avoid re-injury. Great staff! Professional in every sense of the word! Thanks!


  • I am very impressed with the quality of the people and facility. My goals were accomplished ahead of schedule.


  • I enjoyed everyday I came in. Everyone was very helpful, and the pain that I had at the start of therapy is almost non-existent.


  • Very helpful but had to cut therapy short due to our out-of-state trip for 2 months. Expect to accomplish goals on my own using exercises suggested.


  • Shelby and Erica were excellent. They pushed me to my limits and made sure I was achieving my goals through the whole process. They are the BEST!!


  • Thank you for all of your help over the past six months. I love how caring the PT’s and Techs are. Thank you to Shelby, Erica, Megan, Kristin and DanMegan was my primary PT for the second session and she was excellent and always helped me improve.


  • This is my second time using Peak Performance for PT. I feel my time is well used during my appointment to help me feel better. Tonya was really great at listening to my concerns and helping address them. I will be coming back to Peak for my future PT needs.


  • My therapist was great and not only helped me when I was in for an appointment but also gave me great exercises to do at home.


  • Eric and Tonya really helped me recognize my own hypermobility after ending up with severe hip pain. It feels great being more pain-free than I have in 20 years!


  • Eric and Tonya were great. Worked hard to get my knee moving, which wasn’t easy. They gave me encouragement to keep trying.


  • Both Tiffany and Tonya were great to work with! They are pleasant and very knowledgeable in their profession. They provided great insight and tips on how to get better. Anytime I came in and my back was out of whack, they got me back in line. Thank you both for your help. Thank you to all of the technicians for your time and patience. You are great. Thank you to the front desk staff for always being pleasant each visit! Thank you all!


  • Appreciated everyone’s support and encouragement. Nice place for therapy.


  • 100% satisfied with my therapy. I will recommend Peak Performance to anyone needing therapy.


  • Joe and Alex made PT an enjoyable experience for me. I was in a lot of pain when I started, and they managed to get me pain free. I appreciate that they both educated me on how to prevent my problem from returning. 


  • I was very pleased with the results of the therapy I received from Peak Performance. I will return here if I ever need therapy again. Special thanks to Tonya and Eric.


  • I would recommend Eric to anyone — very professional. Was able to make me feel comfortable by engaging in conversation. He listens to his patient and follows up at all visits. An asset to your team.


  • 10/10 on the service and care I received! Tiffany was amazing – her care and compassion were amazing. My many questions were welcomed and answered. I feel empowered to continue my plan to pursue strength and decrease pain. Thanks to everyone!


  • EricShelby and Tonya were all amazing with their empathy and treatment of my injury. I would recommend Peak to any Mid-Michigan citizen looking for physical therapy with proven results. 


  • Peak Performance allowed me to get my shoulder back to normal after open rotator cuff surgery. Thank you to Eric and Erica for helping me get there! I appreciate the app you sent me so I can keep working at home. I would highly recommend Peak Performance to anyone needing physical therapy!


  • Tiffany made my visits enjoyable. She encouraged me to work hard. She is an extremely competent PT and her massage techniques are excellent.


  • When I first started coming for physical therapy, I had been in a lot of back pain. Physical therapy has really helped me in strengthening my core. The knowledge they have given me, I also have learned what exercises I can do at home. I appreciate all the help they have given me.


  • Excellent care. Great staff. Amazing therapists! Thank you!


  • Everyone I worked with was great! They asked questions, listened, were friendly, and most of all alleviated the pain I was feeling. It was my second experience with treatment at Peak Performance and I would absolutely return if I ever need physical therapy again!


  • I’m very thankful for such an awesome staff that supported me, encouraged me, and challenged me to get me where I’m at today! Back to one of my favorite things to do in life — running! I’m forever grateful to Peak Performance therapists, Alex and Joe! See you out on the roads and trails!


  • Thank you for the great physical therapy. Loved the caring staff and facility.


  • I sprained my ankle 3 years ago and it took twice as long to heal as this time. The therapists are extremely friendly and show you exactly how to do each move, as well as how to take the exercises into everyday life to prevent re-injury. I can not recommend this place enough.


  • Alex and Joe are very friendly, compassionate and helpful with tips for navigating at home with Parkinson’s disease.


  • The staff at Peak Performance are caring and work with you to achieve success right from the start. I had great confidence knowing the staff were guiding me through each session to help me get back to normal strength. I contribute my quick recovery to the staff! Thank you!


  • This was my first time ever for therapy. Did not know what to expect – but the knowledge of the staff and exercises have been very helpful and beneficial. They are like friends here!


  • Andrew was amazing! Office staff was very nice and helpful.


  • Andrew was excellent but because insurance will not authorize more visits, I don’t think I could completely accomplish my therapy goals. P.S- Parisma was great.


  • Peak Performance goes far and beyond physical therapy rehabilitation. They educate and inspire you to take charge of your body and ability to heal and function. Thanks so much to you and your staff for enhancing a philosophy of “holistic” treatment.


  • Staff and technicians were very friendly and considerate. The locations were clean.


  • Thank you! This was awesome and you all helped me tremendously! So appreciative!


  • Matt, Ericka and techs got me back on track after months of pain in my Achilles. I feel like I have the strength and education to return to my normal activities and prevent re-injury.


  • I would like to thank Megan and Erica so much for their help. They really helped me enjoy this road of recovery. Also a thank you to Dan for helping me out as well. It’s very refreshing and nice to get back to what I love doing, running down the soccer field and having a great time playing. Thank you to everyone and all the others that helped me.


  • I am so grateful for everyone at Peak Performance. After hearing a presentation from Katie, I know I needed to come here. Katie and Betty have worked with me in getting back to my pre-baby strength and have significantly helped with my pain and movement. I am forever grateful for the team at Peak for helping me with my pain and learning how to move properly.  Thank you!!


  • Choosing Peak Performance and working with Katie has been life changing for me! It’s made such a big difference to me and I would recommend Peak Performance & Katie to anyone.


  • I was really skeptical about whether physical therapy would work for me, but I’m thrilled to report that Peak Performance was able to help me recover from my injury and get back to my life and the sport that I love. Thanks to the awesome staff and especially Trevor, I’m feeling great, I’m stronger than ever, and I’m looking forward to an injury free future. Thank you!!


  • I was referred to PT because of chronic migraines. I was a bit skeptical that PT could help, but in the time I’ve spent with Andrew and Katie I’ve gone from daily severe migraines to 1-3x a week with much less severity when I do have them. They helped connect so many of the dots in my health history that the many specialists I’ve seen had not. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this and the education on how to maintain the work they did. I’m not convinced PT can’t fix anything and will definitely be referring friends to Peak Perf!


  • I have been to other places, and I never thought physical therapy worked until I came to Peak Performance. Katie is a great PT.


  • 2nd shoulder surgery (IL + IR) and I feel like I am coming out of therapy much stronger and without pain. Thanks everyone for all of your help and services throughout the year.


  • I will miss Betty. She was the best at getting me back hiking. Met Andrew today and he will be my next go to guy. PS. Scott is a gem.


  • You guys are great!! Especially Shelby.


  • Great staff who were patient and taught the skills I needed to keep healing.


  • Eric & Tonya were extremely amazing! They both were caring & engaging while helping me recover strength and mobility after my surgery. I can’t thank them both enough!


  • Got me back playing the sport I love! 🙂


  • My therapist, Alex, was very caring and very knowledgeable.


  • Before I came here, I really didn’t think PT did much – was I wrong! Erica & Tonya were fabulous, and I am back to myself. Thank you!


  • Feel so much stronger – no longer have previous fear of staying active. Staff were all 10s and appreciate their guidance, patience, and kindness. Have and will continue to recommend this Peak Performance location. Thank you!


  • It was a very helpful experience. I came in thinking I would never get better and now I leave a new man!!


  • The team at Peak Performance helped me to recover as quickly as possible. From the office staff to the therapists, they were all very polite and professional, and kept me focused on my rehab efforts.


  • I originally came to Peak Performance for a few impact injuries which were quickly dealt with and didn’t return. I also deal with several other long-term medical issues which can cause physical symptoms. My PT (Katie Gilin) was able to give me many different stretches and strengthening exercises to help me minimize the pain and discomfort my symptoms caused. I continued to see Katie for a little over a year because her manipulation and guidance helped so much. I can’t thank her and all of the staff at both the Lansing and the Okemos locations enough for being extremely kind and caring and helping with any questions I had.


  • Where to start! I’ve spent 2+ years working with Peak Performance/Katie and it has been such a positive experience. The staff goes above and beyond for their patients – to educate and to prepare for continued care at home. I’ve tried many treatments, and this has been the most effective by far! The combination of exercise and manipulation has been very helpful. I’ve already recommended Peak Performance to several people and I would 100% recommend it to others! Thank you for not only your help but also your kindness. It truly has been a pleasure!


  • My therapy and service with Peak Performance was consistently professional, courteous, and sensitive to my needs.

    Megan Brew & Kristin Coleman progressed me from not being able to move my arm after rotator cuff surgery to full use and on a continued trajectory to all of the functions of strength and range of motion that I enjoyed prior to my injury. They both kindly listened to all my questions and whining and provided professional and helpful responses.

    The technicians and interns were always well prepared and professional.

    The front desk is a well-oiled machine, always on top of paperwork and scheduling. Thanks so much!


  • Came in with long time chronic injury with doubt that it would ever be good again. Left feeling 100% better and educated on how to stay pain-free.


  • The therapy staff provided me with challenging and realistic goals. The front office staff made sure I knew the level of treatment and insurance benefits applied. I was able to rehabilitate and perform tasks to pre-injury levels and maybe better.


  • Awesome group. I had to wait three months before having therapy due to my granddaughter’s birth but somehow you guys got me on track. 

    Thanks for your work, patience, and guidance.

    P.S. I still hate the “wall slides”!


  • I feel I’m now physically able to do everything I want to do with ease. Great staff all around and Eric K was an extremely helpful therapist to work with.


  • Second time for therapy at Peak Performance – once at the West side with Jill and once at the East side with Katie. Both experiences were fantastic! The therapists are knowledgeable, caring, and patient. Support staff were great. My knee replacement therapy brought great results. Happy I chose Peak Performance Physical Therapy and I highly recommend it to others!!


  • Second time for therapy at Peak Performance – once at the West side with Jill and once at the East side with Katie. Both experiences were fantastic! The therapists are knowledgeable, caring, and patient. Support staff were great. My knee replacement therapy brought great results. Happy I chose Peak Performance Physical Therapy and I highly recommend it to others!!


  • I had several different therapists – all were delightful, efficient, kind, kept me busy working on my knee. The other staff people also kept me busy and it has always been a very pleasant experience to come here for therapy.


  • We are so thankful for our amazing PT care that Jake got. He is doing great thanks to all the wonderful care since his accident.


  • I was recommended by a friend and I would recommend to any of my friends! I’m now biking 40 miles per week 10-11 weeks post-op knee replacement.


  • I really appreciate how caring my therapists were! I felt as though they were really concerned for my health and wanted me to get better. They were very helpful with advice and how to go about my next steps. I really appreciate Shelby. She’s really great!


  • I really appreciate how caring my therapists were! I felt as though they were really concerned for my health and wanted me to get better. They were very helpful with advice and how to go about my next steps. I really appreciate Shelby. She’s really great!


  • I would highly recommend Peak – especially Andrew!


  • Betty was extremely professional and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


  • Betty is very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Office Katie is very welcoming, friendly, and helpful.


  • The people at Peak are awesome. They are very helpful and friendly.


  • Awesome staff and environment. I would recommend Peak Performance to everyone and anyone! Keep up the good work!


  • Treatment was professional and friendly… I will definitely recommend Peak Performance to everyone.


  • Helpful people who can easily explain how to get better and stronger. Great facility with all the equipment to use in the healing process. I would suggest them to anyone who needs help with physical therapy. Thanks Peak Performance for the great care!


  • Great attitudes and happy staff. Fabulous hands – on work, attention to detail, and individualized care. Keep up the good work!


  • Everything was great! Front desk was always friendly and accommodating. PTs were knowledgeable and answered my 9 million questions. Thanks!


  • This was a great experience for me. Goals met with lots of support. Thanks!


  • Peak Performance should be very proud. The entire staff from front desk to therapists, techs, and everyone else were very knowledgeable and friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone! Eric and Erica are great.


  • Never say “no” or “I can’t do that.” Your goals will be accomplished at Peak Performance. Everyone was very friendly and I never dreaded coming to my appointment.


  • Katie and the rest of the staff were helpful in explaining the injury, what the rehab was accomplishing, and were very effective giving me the tools I need to take home and keep getting better. The help was invaluable. Thanks!


  • Jill was very caring and always put a smile on my face- which helps when you’re trying to heal. My knee feels so much better after therapy. Jill’s explanations of the exercises help me realize how important they were to carry on at home. The staff was compassionate and concerned when my daughter had surgery. Thank you for taking care of me in this difficult time.

    A. N.

  • Erica and Shelby were great. Very knowledgeable and truly cared. Gave me lots of ideas on what I could do at home. If I need PT in the future, I will return to Peak because of the people.


  • I highly recommend Peak Performance for any physical therapy. I have been there for 3 separate issues and have found the therapists both knowledgeable and caring. They take the time to get to know you so they know best how to help you. The techs also do so. The office staff is friendly and professional. Overall a great place to receive the help you need to feel your best.

  • As a patient at Peak Performance Physical Therapy, I was able to fully reach my functional ability with help from the entire Peak Staff.


  • Shelby has been my physical therapist. She has taught me so much about what to do when I do have flare-ups with my back. I know exactly what to do at home. I want to mention too that when I have had extreme back pain and had my appointment with Peak Performance, Shelby knew exactly what to do to help me. I am forever grateful!


  • I came in with shoulder and arm pain and inability to reach forward. I also had limited some of my normal activities to protect my arm. After working with Katie I am back to normal and have some maintenance exercises that will help keep me in shape. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me.


  • If you want to be well, feel good, have pain go away, and strengthen your body come here!

    Team approach so that your team knew exactly is essential to recovery.

    Manual Therapy is extraordinary and it improves ones whole well-being and takes away the pain. That is missed most feel stiff and would go away. Must do!


  • Very impressed with the way I was treated, very knowledgeable. They really cared about getting me back to 100%. Would definitely recommend!


  • I will recommend PP to anyone needing PT and relay great experience to the medical team.

    Also, appreciate the 6-8 week follow up. No one else has done this.


  • 7 months ago I came in for PT in so much pain that I couldn’t function in my daily life. I couldn’t even play with my kids or drive. Now you wouldn’t know I had surgery!


  • Jonathan was a very good physical therapist. He always treated me with courtesy and respect. He helped me a lot.

    Patrick was always friendly and helpful. The office staff was always welcoming and friendly. I will always recommend Peak Performance.


  • If you want to be well, feel good, make your pain go away and strengthen your body, come to Peak Performance Physical Therapy.

    I appreciate the team approach they use so that everyone you work with knows exactly how you are feeling and what is working, which is essential to your recovery.

    The manual therapy here is extraordinary and it improves the whole well being and takes away the pain. That is what I will miss most. I would come in feeling stiff and in pain, but the manual therapy and techniques they used helped the pain go away. The manual therapy is a must have, which is why I would recommend them to anyone looking for physical therapy!


  • I have actually enjoyed PT for the first time because of the PT’s, Tech’s, Students, and Staff. It was fun and I made awesome strides in recovery!


  • I have had multiple PT sessions at other facilities and Peak Performance is far superior to all the others. The professionalism and caring attitude are truly exceptional.


  • I’ve been to three other PT’s and this has been the best experience. I think that I’ve also had the best results. The PT’s and Techs explain how/why you have pain and why the exercise or stretches is helping/fixing it.


  • I have been to several therapy companies and feel this is the BEST!


  • I have had a bulging disc in my back and could hardly walk. Since coming to Peak Performance my pain level has almost disappeared and my core strength has improved immensely.


  • Great experience overall! I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone!


  • Peak Performance is my “go-to” rehab center. I can always depend on Matt and staff to help me feel better and get back to my activities, pain free.


  • I very much appreciated the guidance, oversight, flexibility, and expertise. I needed to do this as a first step in getting back to full functionality. I liked the cadence and progression to get me back to where I need to be.


  • I come in with a goal and had to change midstream. All I had to do was show up and work on my goals- the ins, plan of care and knowledge of what my injury, was taken care of by all the great staff! I’ll always recommend Peak and it’s the only place I would go for my care.


  • What I have enjoyed the most is that I have been challenged and the therapists and staff let me challenge myself. At other offices, they never took me to the place that I would or could recover. But I feel I will recover for the first time in 10 plus years.


  • I would recommend family, friends, and athletes that I coach to come to Peak Performance for the best physical therapy. I came in feeling “older” and now I have a much better view of life!


  • Being an active person, it is hard to go through a surgery that greatly restricts mobility. The staff were understanding and caring as I went through the ups and downs during recovery. They were essential in getting me back to full mobility.


  • My experience as a patient at Peak Performance was great. I was well educated on my injury and given very helpful guidance. I would easily recommend my friends and family here if they have any issues!


  • I was in extreme pain and discomfort, went to another Physical Therapy clinic three times, to no effect. At times I left in worse condition then when I arrived. My experience at Peak Performance has been exceptional. Staff and education has been awesome and the exercises that have been suggested are working great and helping me maintain my strength.


  • I had a great experience here, it helped a lot while recovering from my back surgery. Would definitely come back or refer a friend.


  • Brilliant PT’s, friendly, knowledgeable staff, the best place for truly tailored care.


  • Really helped a whole lot. “Miracle Workers” – Thank You!


  • Jill, words cannot express my gratitude for your exceptional care. From my very first appointment with you, I immediately knew you were someone I wanted in my corner. Your knowledge on Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome is far superior to anyone else I’ve met, including the physician that diagnosed me. You immediately established a holistic plan of care, not just one specific to one area of my body.

    Over the last five years, I’ve been suffering from a New Daily Persistent Headache, which countless physicians, neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and psychologists could not determine the cause. It wasn’t until recently, with your help, my neurologist was able to conclude the headache is caused by the hypermobility in my neck due to Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome. Without you, this diagnosis probably wouldn’t have ever been made.

    Over the past year of being in your care, I’ve learned so much about this connective tissue disorder and how to appropriately train, eat, rest, and take care of my body. I swear, every single visit, I learn something new from you. The most important thing you’ve taught me is that I am different, and I cannot train and partake in the rigorous activities like my peers. I continue to improve every day because of your vast knowledge, guidance, and continued support.

    Before I was under your care, I was in and out of physical therapy for 10 years from what I thought to be random injuries, but that physical therapist did not treat me as a whole, he simply looked at that one injury; therefore, allowing me to continue to train improperly, damage myself further, and continue to be misdiagnosed. You, on the other hand, understand my condition affects every part of me, physically and psychologically.

    I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, outstanding holistic patient care, and for being the only medical professional in my corner to consistently advocate for me and my best interest. You are a god sent.

    Emily P.

  • Hi, I’m Mike Franco, President of Pure Green Lawn & Tree Professionals. I went to go visit Peak Performance Physical Therapy with Jill Marlan and her staff. I found the experience was fantastic. You have to go and you have to visit them if you have an ailment they’re going to be straight with you, they’re going to be honest, they’re going to tell you what you can do, what you can’t do, but they’re going to also push you and that’s what I needed. I needed to be pushed because I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to throw again.

    Playing sports all my life I was probably in denial thinking it’s just old age. I hurt myself. I have made it this far without having a major injury but now I have it so maybe you know my baseball days are over with. I’m back playing again. I’m playing at full strength. I’m having probably my best season I’ve had in years. I don’t feel pain. As a matter of fact, I’ve had an injury on my left arm that happened 20 years ago and she’s worked that out. I never went and saw a therapist for that but she worked on it. I probably could have had surgery years ago for it but now I’m at a point where it’s worked. So not only did she fix my one problem, she fixed the other problem.

    I’ve recommended people to go see her. People that have sprained ankles or a hurt shoulder or even kids that have had injuries through some of the sports that I’m associated with. I recommend Peak Performance for anybody and not just because of Jill, again she knows how to hire great people and her staff is unbelievable so the whole experience was absolutely more than what ever thought it would be. So, anything ever happens again, if I get hurt again she’s the first person I am calling.

    Mike F. of Pure Green Lawn & Tree Professionals

  • Really what sold me on Peak Performance though is their consistent quality from the time when you walk in the front door, to work with Jill or work with any of her other associates, and I have worked with a lot of them over the last year. I have a busy schedule and they are very accommodating, so sometimes when I can’t get Jill, I can get Matt or someone else to work with and they are all great.

    From a business perspective, I looked and said this is a well-run business. They are efficient, flexible, and well run. The other thing was when you are here and working with Jill and her team, you’re working. And some really make you work. I’ve been to others where it was a little bit of a cattle call where you are there for an hour and they give you 20 minutes of stuff to do and you waited for the next 20 minutes for the next exercise. It is well organized, you’ve got a goal, you’ve got exercises, Jill checks on your homework. “Are you doing what need to do in between visits to keep you current?” When I’ve asked for samples off the website or off the internet for exercises to keep me maintaining busy and I can’t get in for a couple of weeks they are very accommodating.

    I have nothing but good things to say. I’ve recommended several people to Jill already. We’ve got several people from our firm that use Peak Performance for a variety of needs. We’ve all been really, really happy. I would tell anybody if they are in the greater Lansing area and they have any physical therapy needs, I would pick up the phone, I’d call Peak Performance, ask for Jill, and if she’s not there I’d ask for one of her team members. Partner, Maner Costerisan

    Bruce D. of Maner Costerisan

  • I started seeing Matt at Peak Performance for lower back pain that I had been having for close to 10 months. I had been through virtually all types of conservative treatment, including physical therapy at a different place, which had all been unsuccessful and I was fearing surgery might be my only option in order to feel any relief. After only a few sessions with Matt he was able to diagnose my problem and put me on a path to recovery. I had been to numerous specialists and none of them were able to tell me what Matt did. He has truly changed my life as I was virtually debilitated with no hope for recovery. Matt is very knowledgeable, conscientious and different than other physical therapists I’ve been to in that he truly cares about your situation and is dedicated to help discover a solution and see it through until you are back to 100%. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering physical therapy.

    Blake S.

  • I chose Peak Performance because as an athlete I felt like I had a pretty specific reason for coming in for physical therapy. I was different than some other patients you see. I think what really did it for me is that I bounced around a couple different places and they gave me care, but they didn’t have all the skills that I needed to work with my specific injury. Being a back problem, their specialty care didn’t work with young athletes who have injuries like the one I did.

    And so what I really liked about Peak Performance is that I came in and they tailored programs specifically to my injury, and they really had done what I wanted them to do, rather than just what was protocol. Just the combination of the stretching and the manipulative side of things I think really sped up the process that a lot of other place couldn’t offer through just the exercises and the stretching. I really liked that about coming here.


  • Dear Matt and Jill, I have never written to thank a Physical Therapist before but I just had to stop and let you know how impressed I am with your level of human caring and personal service. What you have done for my patients is amazing! Thanks for taking care of the patients whom I care so deeply about!

    Iris Z. of Lansing Rheumatology

  • Jill was my physical therapist following my last two knee surgeries. Since I have had four knee surgeries on my right knee I have had multiple physical therapists over the past twenty years. She is undoubtedly the best! Jill is very knowledgeable. She has pursued higher level degrees and teaches university classes for physical therapy students. Jill is an ongoing mentor to students who apprentice at Peak Performance during their MSU preparatory classes. Her modeling, teaching and guidance to each of them is invaluable. Jill always begins with an intensive evaluation which gives her detailed information about each person’s unique physical condition. Based on her findings she applies her knowledge and insight and begins an individual plan of action. I so appreciated Jill’s explanations and willingness to answer my questions regarding my therapy since her methods did not always parallel my previous experiences. Before long she specifically instructed me to begin exercising at home and always followed up with me as to my ability to perform those exercises and pain level. Jill exhibits a clear focus and determination, yet is flexible when she realizes her client may need extra motivation or an altered plan. I was involved in physical therapy for twelve weeks with Jill last spring and by the last few weeks she had me doing things I could not imagine I would ever begin to accomplish. I have shared about Jill’s high standards and accomplishments with my doctor, and have recommended her to two of my friends who have a need for physical therapy. If I ever have need for physical therapy again I will definitely choose Jill!


  • I have had Physical Therapy at several different facilities in the past 15 years, most recently at Peak Performance. The entire staff at Peak Performance makes you feel welcome and part of the group. They are flexible with scheduling and the environment is open and upbeat which is different from other facilities I have attended. I want to take the time to thank you for all that you have done for my neck and shoulder. When I first came to you , I had pretty bad neck pain, tightness, and limited range of motion. My neck was wearing on my quality of life for several months. I am so grateful that I found Jill Marlan. She came highly recommended and I can see why. I am in awe of how knowledgeable, informed, and proficient she is. The techniques Jill performed on my neck and shoulder have helped tremendously. I am simply amazed with all she has done for me. I am now able to turn my neck from side to side. Jill helped increase my range of motion and greatly decreased the tightness and pain. My quality of life is so much better now. I want to thank Jill, Matt, and the rest of the staff for providing such a great place to receive Physical Therapy and helping me reach my Peak Performance.


  • Cek out Alot of fun exersizes to get ware you whant to be with Jill and Mat. from age 6 to 100. and do what you want to do for your life adn make way for life. and no more broken bones. So you can be Good for your life. wen you are done you will fele like you have never felt in your life. and when you leave make sher you say thank you. *This testimonial is written exactly as it was given to us.

    7 year old, M.S.

  • Matt and Jill, your welcome to patients and your visible empathy and commitment to help is all so obvious to me every time I’m there. That builds such a foundation of trust, and, though I know only a few patients conversationally, it makes a huge difference in our confidence to attain our best outcomes. Matt, it is just not possible for me to thank you enough for all that you have given me. Not just for the physical therapy which has kept me functional through a hell of a lot, and still does, but for holding fast to a process of progress for me and not allowing my own head to get in our way. I appreciate so much every time you bring your skills and knowledge to send me home feeling better. I do thank you, immensely. Jill, you have established a “house of healing,” if you will, that brings in people who need more than therapeutic hands, but also an embracing openness to what really matters, people who care and stand by your efforts to get better. Know that I am grateful for your input in my care and your generosity over this long haul.