Pre-Surgical Rehab Lansing, Okemos & Dewitt, MI

Pre-Surgical Rehab

Pre-surgical rehabilitation is increasingly popular in the surgical and physical therapy communities. Just as rehab generally refers to work that patients ensure proper recovery after surgery or intense medical treatment, prehab is designed to strengthen before a procedure. The main purpose of prehab is to shorten the recovery or rehab process. For patients who have pre-planned joint replacements or other reparative operations, prehab helps reduce the time and challenges of post-surgery. 

After surgery, patients must re-learn how to move again. Much of that need comes from the lack of muscle mass and flexibility that their existing condition caused. In addition, the surgery itself often involves some pain and stiffness in the following days and weeks. Prehab is designed to help you regain some of your lost strength and flexibility before you even have the surgery, as well as build up your ability to heal more quickly after your operation. When done correctly, prehab can dramatically decrease the time and pain associated with recovery.

Physical Therapy

Typically, prehab sessions start about six weeks before your operation, depending on what your doctor advises. Our physical therapists will also help you evaluate your goals and your concerns. During your sessions, you’ll be working on building your overall strength and endurance, so recovery time and surgical trauma are lessened. In addition, your physical therapist will help structure a plan that meets the challenges of your particular surgery, such as building upper body strength if you’re going to be getting around on crutches. With pre-surgical rehabilitation, our highly trained team of physical therapists will put together the right program to ensure that your post-surgical rehabilitation is as brief and painless as possible.