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Nutrition Services Lansing, Okemos, Dewitt, Mason & Waverly, MI

Nutrition Services

Peak Performance Physical Therapy is dedicated to supporting every aspect of health and wellness. With the help of our nutrition program, you can up your fitness level and reap the many benefits of a well-balanced, healthy diet. Our Peak Performance Physical Therapy staff will inform you on what to eat before, during and after training, and how to stay hydrated. Reach your training goals with Peak Performance Physical Therapy’s nutrition program.

Benefits of a nutrition program:

  • Hydration
  • Pre & post season nutrition
  • In season nutrition
  • Nutrition for injury recovery
  • Weight loss

We are very pleased to announce, Wendi Irlbeck, a registered dietitian nutritionist, Health and Fitness coach, is  working with Peak Performance Physical Therapy! Her goal is to leverage the science behind nutrition to optimize mood, energy, and athletic performance. We encourage all of our patients to visit her website by clicking on the logo below, or by visiting

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You can schedule a consultation with Wendi through Peak Performance by filling out the form below. We’re excited to be working closely with Wendi to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!