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Mar1st 2018

Matt and Jill, your welcome to patients and your visible empathy and commitment to help is all so obvious to me every time I’m there. That builds such a foundation of trust, and, though I know only a few patients conversationally, it makes a huge difference in our confidence to attain our best outcomes. Matt, it is just not possible for me to thank you enough for all that you have given me. Not just for the physical therapy which has kept me functional through a hell of a lot, and still does, but for holding fast to a process of progress for me and not allowing my own head to get in our way. I appreciate so much every time you bring your skills and knowledge to send me home feeling better. I do thank you, immensely. Jill, you have established a “house of healing,” if you will, that brings in people who need more than therapeutic hands, but also an embracing openness to what really matters, people who care and stand by your efforts to get better. Know that I am grateful for your input in my care and your generosity over this long haul.