Mike F. of Pure Green Lawn & Tree Professionals - Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Mike F. of Pure Green Lawn & Tree Professionals

Mar1st 2018

Hi, I’m Mike Franco, President of Pure Green Lawn & Tree Professionals. I went to go visit Peak Performance Physical Therapy with Jill Marlan and her staff. I found the experience was fantastic. You have to go and you have to visit them if you have an ailment they’re going to be straight with you, they’re going to be honest, they’re going to tell you what you can do, what you can’t do, but they’re going to also push you and that’s what I needed. I needed to be pushed because I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to throw again.

Playing sports all my life I was probably in denial thinking it’s just old age. I hurt myself. I have made it this far without having a major injury but now I have it so maybe you know my baseball days are over with. I’m back playing again. I’m playing at full strength. I’m having probably my best season I’ve had in years. I don’t feel pain. As a matter of fact, I’ve had an injury on my left arm that happened 20 years ago and she’s worked that out. I never went and saw a therapist for that but she worked on it. I probably could have had surgery years ago for it but now I’m at a point where it’s worked. So not only did she fix my one problem, she fixed the other problem.

I’ve recommended people to go see her. People that have sprained ankles or a hurt shoulder or even kids that have had injuries through some of the sports that I’m associated with. I recommend Peak Performance for anybody and not just because of Jill, again she knows how to hire great people and her staff is unbelievable so the whole experience was absolutely more than what ever thought it would be. So, anything ever happens again, if I get hurt again she’s the first person I am calling.