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Hear From Our Patients How We Are Exceeding Their Expectation.

Nov8th 2012

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy our focus is to “Exceed Expectations with Orthopedic Manual Therapy.” We work hard each day to exceed our patients’ expectations by helping them gain flexibility and strength, eliminate pain, and increase functional ability. Here are some recent testimonials from patients whose expectations were exceeded.

“I have come to know the staff of Peak Performance well over the past year. After a left shoulder surgery this past December and a right shoulder surgery this past July I have absolutely no doubt that my physical therapy is large part of the reason for my quick recovery. Matt McFadden and the staff at Peak Performance create a personal training experience based on the client’s needs and goals. As a person who is very active I felt Matt McFadden listened carefully and asked a great deal of questions. As a team we worked to make sure my goals and concerns were all addressed. I also felt the staff was amazing at working with my busy schedule when it came to appointments. I have seen everyone from young athletes to the elderly receive the same individual care by the entire staff. I do not doubt that having a good surgeon was important when it came to my surgery. I can say without any hesitation that it was Peak Performance that enabled me to return to my active lifestyle in many ways better than I was before. Thanks Matt, and the staff of Peak Performance. I will always recommend you for your professionalism, ability, and care.


“Jill was my physical therapist following my last two knee surgeries. Since I have had four knee surgeries on my right knee I have had multiple physical therapists over the past twenty years. She is undoubtedly the best! Jill is very knowledgeable. She has pursued higher-level degrees and teaches university classes for physical therapy students. Jill is an ongoing mentor to students who apprentice at Peak Performance during their MSU preparatory classes. Her modeling, teaching and guidance to each of them is invaluable.

Jill always begins with an intensive evaluation which gives her detailed information about each person’s unique physical condition. Based on her findings she applies her knowledge and insight and begins an individual plan of action. I so appreciated Jill’s explanations and willingness to answer my questions regarding my therapy since her methods did not always parallel my previous experiences. Before long she specifically instructed me to begin exercising at home and always followed up with me as to my ability to perform those exercises and pain level.

Jill exhibits a clear focus and determination, yet is flexible when she realizes her client may need extra motivation or an altered plan. I was involved in physical therapy for twelve weeks with Jill last spring and by the last few weeks she had me doing things I could not imagine I would ever begin to accomplish. I have shared about Jill’s high standards and accomplishments with my doctor, and have recommended her to two of my friends who have a need for physical therapy. If I ever have need for physical therapy again I will definitely choose Jill!”
N. W.

“I have had Physical Therapy at several different facilities in the past 15 years, most recently at Peak Performance. The entire staff at Peak Performance makes you feel welcome and part of the group. They are flexible with scheduling and the environment is open and upbeat which is different from other facilities I have attended.

I was assigned to Matt after shoulder surgery and I knew after the first visit I was in good hands. Matt worked with me thru some setbacks and gave me encouragement when I needed it most. He was able to modify my therapy to allow my shoulder time to heal yet still work on stretching and strengthening. I am back to my normal activities with some muscle tone as a bonus!

I recommend Peak Performance to anyone at any age who is in need of Physical Therapy and wants to get better and back to life. “

Thank you again Matt!!

T. B.

“I want to take the time to thank you for all that you have done for my neck and shoulder. When I first came to you , I had pretty bad neck pain, tightness, and limited range of motion. My neck was wearing on my quality of life for several months. I am so grateful that I found Jill Marlan. She came highly recommended and I can see why. I am in awe of how knowledgeable, informed, and proficient she is. The techniques Jill performed on my neck and shoulder have helped tremendously. I am simply amazed with all she has done for me. I am now able to turn my neck from side to side. Jill helped increase my range of motion and greatly decreased the tightness and pain. My quality of life is so much better now.

I want to thank Jill, Jeff, Matt, and the rest of the staff for providing such a great place to receive Physical Therapy and helping me reach my ‘Peak Performance.”

We appreciate each patient we see at Peak Performance and would like to say thank you to our patients who were willing to share about their experiences. Thank you Matt, Leslie, Tina, and Nancy!

The Peak Performance Team