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Apr6th 2012

I fell and dislocated my shoulder. After 6 weeks of therapy at another clinic, two orthopedic surgeons suspected a torn rotator cuff and carpal tunnel injury. Both doctors recommended surgery as the only means to repair the damage. I requested additional physical therapy while waiting for confirmation of MRI and EMG tests. During one of my morning walks, I saw the Peak Performance sign and went in to inquire what they could do for me. I was impressed at how well Carmen, the receptionist, knew the work of the clinic. At the intake evaluation, Jill noted that I had injured a nerve in my neck at C5-6 area that was causing the problems with my arm and hand. She started work to repair the damaged nerve. Several weeks later, the MRI and EMG studies were completed showing the torn rotator cuff and injury to the nerve at C5-6 area. No carpal tunnel damage. Exactly as Jill had noted!

Appointments at Peak Performance were pleasant but pale in comparison to the joy of regaining full use of my shoulder and arm with not residual effects of the injury! I am stronger today than before the fall and look forward to participating in the Maintenance Program!

B. J.

I was referred by my orthopedic physician after it was discovered that I had a partial rotator cuff tear. I have never been a believer in PT due to having been to therapy many times for different problems in the past. I was put into the hands of Matt at Peak Performance and he has made me a believer. In a short time, going 3 times per week, my pain is under control due to his wonderful hands. I would recommend him to all my friend and family.
M. M.