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Sep24th 2013

We had a great time presenting for the Oak Park Triathlon Team at the Oak Park YMCA. We presented 3 stretches and 3 exercises for swimming, biking, and running that can be performed to prevent common Triathlete injuries. We had a great turn out and would like to thank Kathi Shipley for helping to organize the event. The participants were able to actively try the exercises and feedback and guidance was given for proper form and technique.

Jill Marlan, Owner of Peak Performance Physical Therapy, instructs the class in the proper form during exercise and how common substitution patterns can lead to increased risk for injury.

Angie Spayde, our resident personal trainer, instructs someone in the proper hip and pelvis position when preparing to do a windmill exercise.

Jill Marlan giving cues on how to engage your shoulder blade stabilizers while peforming a windmill.

Above everyone is practicing quick rhythmic motions up and down, side to side, and in circular motions against the wall. This exercise trains the rotator cuff muscles to help stabilize the arm bone on the shoulder blade. If you have problems with your rotator cuff you are more likely to develop tendonitis problems especially in swimming.

Casey Stokes, our newest Physical Therapist at Peak Performance, is giving guidance to maintain a neutral spine while performing a plank or windmill exercise. When you get fatigued it is very easy to compensate and let your spine fall into an extended position.

Matt McFadden, Clinic Director at Peak Performance, gives proper cueing during the hip flexor stretch. When sidebending is added to this stretch both the intensity and location change and you get a more complete muscle stretch. Improved length of the hip flexor helps with your stride when running as well as your ability to kick when in the pool.

Attendant performed static planks and planks with leg lifts. Planks engage your core and when you add stepping out to the side or leg lifts the demand on your obliques and abdominals increases. You have to control motion in multiple planes which is critical to efficient running, swimming, and biking. Loss of control allows for energy leaks which makes you have to expend more energy to get the same amount of work done. This can lead to fatigue and we are most susceptible to injury when we are fatigued.

We look forward to doing future Clinics with local Triathletes. Thanks to all those who participated. We enjoyed your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Until next time….

Peak Performance Physical Therapy specializes in treating orthopedic conditions and we our active in our community to help educate others on how they can prevent injuries. We do injury prevention clinics for high schools, baseball teams soccer teams, youth sports, and clubs. If you are interested in Peak Performance coming to your group, team, or high school to do an Injury Prevention Program contact Amy at 517.853.6800.