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Why General Exercise is a Peak Priority

Feb21st 2020

Many people assume that anyone participating in physical therapy treatment is recovering from a recent surgery. However, that is not always the case. Physical therapy provides a multitude of benefits for anyone wishing to restore their strength, endurance, flexibility or stability.


In fact, physical therapy is used as a treatment for any pain, injury or ailment someone may be facing. Exercise programs are an important concept that we implement into physical therapy treatment at Peak Performance Physical Therapy. Studies have shown that exercise has a number of benefits as well as managing pain and inflammation.


Exercise and improved health


Exercise is aimed at improving your overall quality of life. Exercise and physical therapy utilize targeted activities that aim to relieve pain and restore you to your optimum level of physical function. 


Certain exercises used in physical therapy are implemented to not only heal, but prevent future injuries. There are a wide variety of exercises and each one has a unique purpose which include:


  • Area-Specific Exercises- It’s easy to think of exercise as something we do with our muscles, but exercise can also help our body’s other systems. Area-specific exercises target breathing and circulation to help speed healing, improve blood flow or lower stress on the body.
  • Balance & Coordination Exercises- Every time you stand or sit, bones and muscles work in conjunction with one another to help you remain upright. Every time you stand, walk, sit, brush your teeth, cook a meal or take care of your daily activities, you are testing your coordination between the muscular and skeletal systems in your body. Your ability to care for yourself or your loved ones depends on your ability to balance and coordinate your arms, legs, hands, and feet. That is why balance and coordination exercises are so important, especially after an injury or illness. If you cannot keep your balance or lose your coordination, you lose the ability to care for yourself.
  • Muscle Performance Exercises- Increasing power, endurance, and muscle strength are vital to good balance and stability, as well as bone and joint health. Resistance and endurance exercises are designed to increase muscle strength without injury.
  • Range of Motion Exercises- These exercises are aimed at increasing the range of motion in your joints and soft tissues. This may be done through active, passive or assisted stretching activities designed to help your joints move better, without pain.
  • Posture Exercises. Hours spent at desks, bending over keyboards, poor muscle tone or simply poor posture habits can all lead to pain or injury. What you may not realize is that posture has a direct impact on muscle strength, balance, and risk of injury. Posture exercises are aimed at correcting poor posture, not just when you exercise, but also in your daily life activities to alleviate aches and pains.
  • Relaxation Exercises. Relaxation is part of therapeutic exercise? You bet! While it is important to work the muscles, joints, and soft tissues in the body, it is also important to help them relax. Pain relieving techniques including heat, cold, electrical stimulation, massage or trigger point therapy, can all help the body relax, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, and keep you coming back for more exercise!


Get started on an exercise plan today!


Our dedicated physical therapists are movement experts, trained in improving strength, range of motion, and overall function of the body. 


Your physical therapist will design an individualized treatment plan for you, equipped with the exercises you need. Contact Peak Performance Physical Therapy to get started today!


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