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Most Heroes Dont Wear Capes

Oct6th 2017

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s…. a child. And she is limping from an almost visible pain coming from her knee. She walks past through the doors into the lobby and quietly sits down as her mother answers paperwork questions with a calm focus. The child is not scared, but she knows she is hurt and that she has a long road to recovery.

These are the individuals Peak Performance Physical Therapy sees on a daily basis, from every edge of the age spectrum and walk of life. The old, the young, the active… We love people because of the unique experiences and stories they bring to us. And although every patient is special in their own way, they all have at least one thing in common. They are all heroes.

We want to take the month of October to recognize that recovering from an injury, big or small, is not an easy challenge. Physical therapy is a tool and a method individuals use to heal, but the true ability to heal comes from the mental courage a patient must have to face their injury, like a hero must face his nemesis.

We have known since the beginning that our patients are heroes, we are reminded of that every day. However, we want to make sure that our patients know that they are heroes too! That is why, for the month of October, Peak Performance Physical Therapy will host a comic book superhero every Friday to serve as a symbol of our heroic patients!