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Fighting The Enemy and Defending The Good.

Oct9th 2017

Strength in the face of adversity
Moving mountains
Courage in when there is pain
Breaking barriers
Fighting the enemy and defending the good

You may read the above description and think to yourself, “That’s got the be the Hulk? Maybe Iron Man?” That thought is rightly conceived, these are the actions of what you know as superheroes. Would it surprise you if this descriptor were actually for your neighbor? Or perhaps the young soccer star you saw twists his ankle at the last home game? We were describing patients at Peak Performance Physical Therapy, not the man in the red cape on the movie screen.

Every patient has a Joker to their Batman, a Green Goblin to their Spiderman. Whether it’s a nasty case of tennis elbow, a pulled muscle or the ever-dreaded shin splints, it takes strength and courage to face adversity and pain. It can be a mortal enemy or a vicious wound, individuals build character and become more heroic after every step they make towards recovery.