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Staying Strong: In Mind and Body

Jan17th 2018

You’ve been working hard and are about halfway done with your New Year’s Revolution. You have been doing a great job so far, and now is not the time to lose your momentum, in fact, you should double down on your efforts this very day! Your goal can seem very far away, and you might wake up not wanting to go for your morning run, or say something kind to a stranger or complete whatever challenge you have put yourself up against. However Peak Performance is here to remind you about the binding power of integrity and the importance of keeping your word.

When you committed to accomplishing your New Year’s Revolution at the beginning of the year, you created a realm of integrity around your words and actions. Whenever you do not take active steps towards completing your revolution, you are breaking your word and your integrity. If you committed your word to coming into Peak Performance for a free 15 minute consultation, but decided to sleep in instead, you are shying away from integrity. If you committed your word to living a healthier life, but chose to have a cookie at lunch, then you are breaking your word.

It is no walk in the park completing a New Year’s Revolution, especially without a clear goal and milestones. Without milestones, integrity is murky, and it is easy to talk yourself into “Well I was really tired this morning,” or “It’s just one cookie after lunch.” Follow these steps to setting milestones and you will find it easier to hold yourself to integrity and accomplish your goal.

  1. Define – Define both your main overarching goal and the milestones leading to that goal. Think of milestones as stepping stones for you to take towards your goal. Milestones should be measurable so that you know when you complete them.
  2. Timing – Work backward from your main goal and think about all of the tasks that have to be accomplished in order to achieve that goal. Turn these goals into milestones and set reasonable dates to check them off.
  3. Progressive – Milestones should build on each other, your final milestone should be greater than your first. Each milestone should show that you have grown from the last.
  4. Accountability – This is when your integrity comes in hand. You need to hold yourself accountable for your actions. If you break pace on your way to a milestone, acknowledge the failure and pick yourself back up. By setting milestones and sticking to your word, integrity will shine through in your life.

With integrity, you can accomplish your goal, and start a revolution in your life.