TEAM PEAK WELCOME’S BROOKE DIPPEL - Peak Performance Physical Therapy
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Aug17th 2015

We are so excited to announce that Team Peak has hired a Health Promotions Manager. Brooke Dippel attended Hope College in Holland, and has a BA in Athletic Training. She has been an athlete her entire life, and thrived in the competitive atmosphere. In high school Brooke played volleyball, basketball, and soccer. She even played soccer in college, and has began to coach youth soccer in the Lansing area. Athletic Training was the best fit for her because she could pursue a job where she could help people perform at their best.

So what will Brooke’s job entail? Another exciting announcement is that Peak Performance has won the Athletic Training Bid for Lansing Community College. What does this mean? This means that Brooke will now be the acting athletic trainer for nine LCC sports teams which include: Men’s/Women’s Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Baseball, softball, and volleyball. She will be splitting her time between LCC, and here are the clinic where she will also see patients, coordinate our upcoming aerobics room, the massage therapy program, and Peak’s Injury Prevention Clinics. Brooke is so excited to enter into an environment that effectively helps people, and starting a new initiative to help athletes outside of our clinic. We could not be happier to have a person as educated and confident as Brooke join Team Peak!

Fun fact: Brooke studied abroad in Japan, and is passionate about learning sign language.