THE MAKING OF A HERO - Peak Performance Physical Therapy
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Oct31st 2017

The making of a hero is not always done through a single big life-saving act. Sometimes the making of a hero is an accumulation of hundreds and thousands of tiny acts made every day.

For our patients, these actions can be as small as waking up early in the morning to attend physical therapy before work. It can be staying faithful to the workouts we tell them to practice at home when nobody is watching. We’ve seen patients hold the door for one another, and pass a smile to each other while walking through our halls. A heroic action is keeping a positive attitude even when the weight of your pains and struggles are heavy on your mind.

We hope that our heroes’ visits to the office have reminded you that you are capable of tapping into your own inner hero. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and save the world tomorrow, but you can make conscious, heroic acts throughout your day. Might we recommend that a great place to start is at our front desk, where we have given you the opportunity to donate to one of three charitable causes? Even the smallest donation helps, and although you won’t be defeating a supervillain, you will be helping those who need you – and isn’t that really what being a hero is all about?